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Soccer player “dies” in the middle of a game. Location: Saudia Arabia. It’s been said he lived and dies at the same time. Who should we believe?

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LOL it looks like he is dancing

he acutually had a seizer

i know u didnt lol .i was just saying wat i researched

@sharkiebot never said he was dead? erm befor u want to post a comment better read my closer

no i even looked at the football player deaths record his name nor his team name is registered there

his spinal cord sort of moved thats wat i know…3lah y2afeee

his spinal cord sort of moved thats wat ii know 3lah y3afeee

what? he isn’t dead?唔係呀嗎


he had a seizure..this happened to me when i was playing rugby..i got a sudden blow to the head and startede doing flips..i couldnt remember anything tho..the doctor said..the hit was so hard my brain had hit the iner side of my skull and started the seizure..he is not dead..and he didnt break is neck..wen he was rolley polling backwards on hes head ..his neck would become so rigid that it wouldnt break

why you all laughing its not funny its just aaaaaaah nasty and weard and omg thats weird and scary total weird and scary

omg! its not funny… thats scary.. total weird and scary…

looks like he was fighting to escape death. but death was dragging him away

why he was acting like that – jumping around- before his death?

wtf ?! o.O

HAHA! omg that was hilarious! he looked like a complete retard.


…..your comment makes no sense…

he is alive …he is a trainer now

ummm i dont now if he deid but i think his panties are toooo to close i mean to teit lol

LMAO dont buy that dum sht its 1 of those allusion videos if u watch very close u can see that it made no sense

AHAHAH. That comment made me laugh so much. I think it might not have been happiness, more towards the brain-injury-emotion side of things.

play contact sport not soccer

WTF?!?!?! I think he should see a docter about that. I usually dont die then do flips???

If u look close enough at .17-20 seconds u can see like a white thing leave his body i think thats his spirit or some thing

why did he get so happy

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