How do i tell my football coach and parents that I want to quit football?


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It is my third year playing football for highschool and i wasnt going to play this year but i decided to (idk why). I am a varsity baseball player with some potential and i want to devote myself to that during the football season. how do i quit the football team?

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how to tell your parents you don\t want to play football

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dont sign up
tell em y ur doin it and stick to it
they cant do nethin to u

Tell him you want to quit, he won’t really care; and if he does then forget him he is not in control of your life.

Just say I’m over.
They aren’t going to bite you.

“I’ve decided to devote myself to baseball, and leave football.” How hard is that?

is it that big of a deal for everyone? just say you need this year off to relax and really focus on baseball. i think they’ll understand that. anyways thers always other to fill your spot.

mom,dad, i want to do baseball.

Tell your parents first that you dont have an interest in it or its not for you anymore and you want to quit. then tell your coach that you arent going to play this year

“Mom, Dad, Coach…I want to quit football.”

Seriously…Tell them all you just think you’re better at baseball…and that that is the sport of choice for you…

Its your life…not theirs…

Say hi and die

Two very simple words.


Just tell your parents that, school is more important to you now and your grades are slipping because of football. What can they possible say to that?

say “Coach…Mom…Dad…Team… I want to become a better baseball player and I am going to have to train a lot more for baseball, so I am not going to be able to play football with y’all anymore. I am sorry.”

man up. what are they going to do? say no you can’t quit. they have no power if you are confident in your choice.

b who u are and say wat u feel cuz those who mind dont matter and those who matter wont mind :)

By saying to your coach and parents “I don’t want to do football any more, i want to put more of my effort into baseball” they will understand and if they don’t well maybe their pressurising you unnecessarily.

just tell your coach that you have other things going on. or that you dont feel as committed. or as excited by it anymore.. say you dont feel the passion of it like you used to.
as for your parents maybe just tell them the same. that you want to concentrate on other things, that its your life and its up to you to make the decisions, and make the mistakes,
thats the whole point.
good luck (:

just tell them, its up to you what you do not other people, am sorry but i am sick of you americans with no balls too scared to tell your parents you want a peircing or quitin what ever, just do it!!!

Just say it.
If they love you, they’ll respect your desicion.

Just be honest to your coach and parents. Explain to them why you no longer want to play, and that it’s not to your interest anymore/other things have come across you that have taken your interest. Don’t worry, I’m sure your coach will understand; it happens. He won’t say “No you can’t quit” or anything. It is your choice after all. :P

Tell him you’re dedicated to baseball and it wouldn’t be fair to the team if you didn’t give it your all.

Explain to your coach you are devoted to baseball and lost interest in football. Or the easy way just dont go anymore LOL

I would say if you already signed up that you have made a commitment you should not break, but if you haven’t yet then I would just be straightforward with them and tell them you need to focus on baseball right now.
Good Luck!

Just tell each you want to focus 100% on baseball, so you are quitting football.

Please give this some deep, deep thought before you decide to not play football. I understand that football practice is a tough, grueling time. I quit football after playing for three years as well, and I still regret it to this day. I am now 40, and I sincerely wish I had stuck with playing football in high school. You can never go back, and quitting is forever.

You should really try to stick it out and give it your best. You can still devote time to stay sharp with your baseball skills, but don’t miss out on one of the greatest times of your high school life by dropping football.

Just my 2 cents worth. As I said, the memory of “I wish I had stuck with it” is STILL with me all these years later.

okay tim here’s a definite winner and a long shot rolled into one- not for the faint hearted mind.
First you have to build up the scene through a few weeks preparation- seem down and gloomy, depressed, lost in thought, worried- with each day slightly further from their contact. Get their interest piqued and when pressed shrug and say “nothin”, later say “i have something wwighing on my mind”, get them all flustered. After a week or two your parents will probably be driven to the point of sitting you down and going nowhere till you answer, you just have to ensure that in their minds they are thinking the worst then come out and say it—– “i think i might be gay” adding afterwards in a lower tone “and i am quitting football”, trust me the latter will pass without comment and you will then have the full confidence from your parents to bring a nice girl home, go to a brothel etc ad nauseum
(screw the coach-eh not literally- what kind of hold or sway can he possibly have on your life! tell him to get lost )

I don’t believe you ever played any sport.

do horrible things and then they will fire you

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